Migrate to WordPress from BlogEngine

BlogEngine is a very popular, useful and open source blog management tool based on ASP.NET but with the evolution of PHP more and more tools are coming up fast like WordPress. I have used BlogEngine personally in past but with the evolution of WordPress, things have been changed completely.

Ease of writing plugins and designing themes in WordPress has made it a very popular, easy to use and rich blog publishing tool. Not only for blogs but for many website, WordPress is being used widely.

In this changing time, if you are still on BlogEngine and want to move to a more flexible blog publishing tool then here are the steps to migrate from BlogEngine to WordPress:

  1. Make sure to take files and database backup of your old BlogEngine site and new WordPress site (if already setup) – it might be helpful as if you fall in some trouble to restore everything.
  2. Login to BlogEngine site and export your blog data from blogengine_site>settings>import/export
  3. Download BlogMLimporter plugin and install in your new WordPress site (you can find this plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/blogml-importer/)
  4. Go to WordPress_site/Tools/Import/BlogML and select XML file to import
  5. All done – now check your WordPress site.

If everything is followed right, you would see and like your new WordPress site ready with your old data. This way, you won’t loose anything from your past and can utilize your past contents to remain high on SEO too. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Steps mentioned in this post are for self guidance only and author doesn’t take any responsibility of data loss or any other kind of loss due to this post.

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