Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook – Richard Carter – Book Review

Title: Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook
Author: Richard Carter
Language: English
Release Date: July 2010
ISBN: 1849511241
ISBN 13: 978-1-849511-24-7
Paperback : 236 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]

Weekends are always good but when you get a nice book in your hands then they become really excellent 🙂 and the same happened to me this week. Actually, I was looking for months to find a good book to solve the quick problems for Joomla templating system. I have noticed that there are few good books in the market but there is none which gives you one at the time you really need it instead of going through the pages and hoping to have a search engine for your text book too 😉

Anyway, I got my book few weeks ago but as I was working on one of the open source project at my end, I didn’t get chance to look at this book for some time and when I needed it the most, it was with me. So, I opened this book and was trying to find the information, I needed. As I have completed the book reading because it was really interesting to find some good help about Joomla and its template system.

This new title Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook is offered by Packt Publising House and written by Richard Carter to develop and customize Joomla! templates to make outstanding looking websites. In my personal opinion, the look and feel is always the most important part of any website project and this book covers that everything.

I really like the way Richard says about almost each recipe (quick and focused approach) like Getting ready–>How to do it–>How it works–>There is more. When I was studying the book, the most interesting part for me was always “There is more” 🙂 because he uses to introduce some of the common tips here. His way of writing is impressive and contents are placed neatly and effectively for the need of readers. I have seen more contribution from him in terms of community efforts as well as more books for Packt.

The book starts in a very intuitive manner and for Open Source lovers, it is like an interesting fiction novel which you can not leave at all.

Readers will require XAMPP/MAMPP or any LAMP configuration based server running to work on the tutorial and examples given in the book. Some individual people can do it by turning their own computers into a test web server.

The book makes you to:
1. Customize the template basics i.e. CSS and HTML
2. Perform little advanced Joomla! templating tasks
3. Create Custom pages for site
4. Use Stylesheet and Typography to handle common issues
5. Customize Joomla Admin Panel template and make your own on that base
6. Use of social media contents i.e. youtube videos and twitter contents/tweets
7. Create hand held devices supporting CSS for iphone and more
8. Minimize javascript load by using optimum methods
9. Some common templating issues

As the name suggests, this book is not for beginners who want to learn creating a Joomla! template but it helps you to create more useful templates by customizing existing ones and taking it to the next level. If you are a beginner then this book is really useful to learn the advanced concepts with a focused approach for a modern template development requirements. It gives you recipes to do good things and that’s what cookbooks are for 🙂

Good Points of the Book:
1. Short & Specific
2. Speaks about what exactly you need to customize a template to fit the modern template needs
3. Covers sufficient information about third party extensions to be used
4. Nice use of screen shots so that you can sit with computer and try everything at your own
7. The books does not emphasize you to write a new template but gives you quick and shorter way to achieve things with the help of pre-made template and further customization to it

I would recommend this book especially for the people who wants to make their site rich in contents with the proper & effective use of some easy to use template tips. For beginners, this will make you to learn most common piece of information required to develop modern use templates.

Now, if you feel that you can not wait anymore to buy the book then here is the quick link for you to read Table of Contents and buy the title “Richard Carter – Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook”.

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