How to solve WordPress home page redirection problem (solution 1)

Today morning, I was working to move an existing site to a new host and it was working perfect on the old location but as soon as I switched it to new host, it stopped working and home page was showing redirection loop as per the image.
I wasted lots of time doing this and that but suddenly my client and friend too gave me an idea to just change a small thing which made it to work 🙂 and I was really impressed with the solution and the and the way, she was covering the details. If you are also in the similar situation then here is the solution for you.

1. You have WordPress installed
2. You have maintenance plugin installed and maintenance mode active
3. You can access the admin panel
4. When you go to front/home page it shows below error

Congrats! if you have this situation then below is the solution to fix it 🙂
1. Please login to admin panel
2. Go to Settings>Maintenance mode
3. Check if you have selected 503.php page to show as default
4. Either change it to default login page display or check if there is any code like below in your 503.php

If you have this code piece in your 503.php or somewhere else in the code then you are very sure then it is putting you in a loop when an error will occur.

Please try and let me know if it works for you!!

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