Digital Marketing strategist with years’ of progressive experience in digital marketing, ecommerce, digitalization and project management accomplished at creative online campaigns, online branding, social media management, web and mobile development, e-commerce, project management, and by collaborating effectively with different stakeholders. Ready to take complex assignments, meet tight deadlines and deliver superior performance.

My specialties are:
– Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Digitalization Projects
– Developing and Leading high performance teams
– Organic and Paid Search Engine Marketing
– Conceptualization, Planning, Execution and Monitoring of online brand and product campaigns to generate right voice of share and leads respectively utilizing social media and other online platforms including online reputation management.
– Keeping the Website online presence on the cutting edge of media, technology and design. Incorporate best practices from across the world into the website.
– Digital Content Management, Mobile Marketing and E-mail Marketing
– Mobile Application Development for customer engagement, utility and ease of use
– Web Analytics and Reporting along with Stakeholders and Project Management to ensure timely and clean delivery of online campaigns and projects.

Below are some of my recent achievements:
– Achieved 100% growth in website traffic to website in 3 years
– Jointly worked with Web Sales team and achieved sales growth year on year
– Received Best Digital Marketing Professional award and Best Mobile Application Award 2013 at World Brand Congress, CMO Council, October 2013 in Mumbai


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